A downloadable game for Windows

Forest Daydream VR is an inspiring low-poly world that allows players to express creativity. In the VR game you can interact with objects and craft the world. There is no winning conditions, so feel the atmosphere and enjoy the interactions!

This is a test version,  and we’d appreciate your feedback to help us with future game design https://forms.gle/f1rZo5YvDMjCCKNP8 . (You can support us more if you can upload a screenshot of your world crafted) 

***Play with SteamVR app open


  • A single player VR experience.
  • World generated by your play behaviour.
  • Interactions are everywhere!
  • Chances to grow plants in the outer world.
  •  Relaxing sound generated through interactions.


  • Use any VR controllers that supporting SteamVR.
  • Grab objects with Trigger Buttons on both hands (usually index finger).
  • Click Touchpad on controller to teleport among space.


GAMEexe.zip 50 MB